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The Drive Relaunches its Namesake YouTube Channel

Cathy Hebert
Press Release, Recurrent News
The Drive Relaunches its Namesake YouTube Channel

YouTube’s original automotive channel returns after five years with a new approach to celebrating car culture for enthusiasts

Los Angeles, CA February 29, 2024 – Leading automotive media brand, The Drive is announcing the highly anticipated return of its YouTube channel, formerly known as /DRIVE. After five years of focusing on growing its website as a daily news and car reviews destination for millions of readers, The Drive is embracing its video roots to relaunch its original channel with the same mission it began with 12 years ago: celebrating the culture of cars. 

Early content will feature a brand new original documentary series titled “Carisma,” produced by director and cinematographer Tom Gorelik. Each beautifully shot episode will profile an enthusiast and their car in Gorelik’s signature style, showcasing the relatable connection between person and machine and the common passion that connects all of car culture.

Founded in 2012 as one of YouTube’s first major automotive channels, The Drive launched its news site in 2015. Since then, it has become a go-to resource for the automotive industry, motorsports, car culture, product reviews, and DIY fixes for more than 6 million monthly visitors. 

Under the guidance of editor-in-chief Kyle Cheromcha, the revamped video strategy will offer a diverse range of content, starting with today’s premiere of Here’s What REALLY Happened to The Drive’s Channel, and How We’re Bringing It Back, recounting the never-before-told story of how the channel rose to prominence and mysteriously fell apart from 2012 to 2018 before finally going dark in 2020. 

Alongside Carisma, The Drive will also publish a hosted explainer series breaking down some of the most fascinating stories from the past, present, and future of cars and transportation. 

“This is a full-circle moment for The Drive,” said Cheromcha. “The brand’s mission has always sought to celebrate every facet of car culture. Being able to return to our roots and showcase long-form storytelling on our original channel while continuing to operate our news operation, is an unparalleled experience. Our team is excited to work alongside some of the most interesting car creators out there to continue to elevate The Drive and meet car enthusiasts on every platform.”   

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The Drive is the destination for both enthusiasts and casual car owners. Founded in 2012 as a pioneering YouTube channel, /DRIVE, which amassed nearly 2 million followers before its daily digital news operation launched in 2015. Across YouTube and its site, The Drive offers a mix of breaking news, unique car stories, and deep original reporting on the automotive industry, motorsports, and car culture. Its comprehensive car review program evaluates new vehicles across seven key areas including driving experience, cabin functionality, onboard tech, efficiency, and overall value for the intended buyer