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“The Drive Issue” of Field & Stream is available now

Cathy Hebert
Digital Magazine

“For me, the ideal day of fly fishing starts with a good drive. When I leave to fly fish, I want to feel like I’m really getting away. When I arrive at the river, I want to feel like I’m someplace else. Come to think of it, that’s the reason I took up fly fishing in the first place. These drives, and the hours I spend on the river, often lend themselves to a good headspace for thinking of new ideas for the stories we tell at F&S. In fact, it was during one drive this summer that I got the germ of an idea for this issue—to use ‘drive’ as a theme for pieces about road trips, obviously, but also about persistence, companionship…I realize “drive” seems like a strange theme—at least on the surface. But once you get going, I think you’ll recognize the great storytelling that’s always been the driving force behind Field & Stream."

—Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief

The Drive Issue of Field & Stream is available now

One Wild Ride

“Did I pack the grouse loads or just pheasant ammo? Did I purchase the magazine plug for my 12-gauge for the duck hunt? Do I have the right Allen key to adjust my bow? Should I pack a .22 in case we go after squirrels?” These are not the questions you ask yourself for any normal road trip, but if they are the questions you ask yourself before embarking on 50-day road trip from New York State to Colorado and back. Senior Editor, Matthew Every lets readers ride shotgun on his nonresident’s approach to hunting season in the ultimate road trip vehicle.

The Ghost of Gutkoski

Joe Gutkoski’s hunting philosophy was grounded in the long experience and the principle that if you stayed on the track long enough, sooner or later the elk’s curiosity would get the better of its judgment. Joe was also a legendary crusader in conservation circles and brought the same intensity to his fights to protect public lands and wildlife that he did to hunting elk. Contributor Keith McCafferty pays tribute and says goodbye to the hunter who taught him the very meaning of a long hard hunt.

The Long Shot

What are the chances a new shooter could learn to hit a target at 1,000 yards in two days? Pretty good, when you consider the odds her coach, Aaron Miesse, has had to overcome. Contributor Allie Conti traveled to Celina, OH for a crash course and a personalized shooting lesson from one the country’s top long-range riflemen.

Back to Zero

“I’ve tumbled off many a high horse. It’s rarely a gentle landing, and the humiliation sticks around for a while, the way your tongue keeps finding the rough edge of a chipped tooth,” writes Editor at Large, T. Edward Nickens. Once the sting of disappointment and embarrassment of missing a shot passes, it’s time to get serious about getting back on target.

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