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Recurrent Ventures Acquires Futurism from Singularity University

Cathy Hebert
Press Release

Recurrent Ventures Acquires Futurism from Singularity University

The publication will join Popular Science, MEL, The Drive, Domino, and More

July 26, 2021 (New York, NY) — Recurrent Ventures has acquired Futurism, the popular emergent technology and science news site, Recurrent CEO Lance Johnson announced today.

Futurism has grown its readership through original feature reporting and accessible news coverage of concepts like AI, rocket launches, sustainability and genetics. The brand’s leadership, including James Del, Foster Kamer, and Jon Christian, possesses an original sensibility and uniquely progressive voice, allowing audiences to follow the stories and people changing the world. The innovative outlet will join Recurrent’s science, tech, and outdoor division, which is also home to Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Popular Photography, and more.

“Futurism is an authoritative and engaging brand with an exceptional team that we believe is the perfect addition to our portfolio. They’ve always punched above their weight, and we’re confident that we can give them the resources they need to continue to build on their success,” says Johnson. “To have Futurism under the same roof as Popular Science broadens and diversifies our range of cutting-edge, industry-leading coverage of the environment, science, and technology.”

Founded in 2014, Futurism has grown from a single science page on Reddit into a sleek and immersive go-to place for breaking science news. The site was acquired by Singularity University in 2019 as an independent media organization and features three distinct verticals: Futurism, The Byte (a flash-news digest), and Neoscope (a medical technology and cutting-edge medical science blog).

“We couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter of Futurism, and especially to be a part of a new kind of media company like Recurrent. It’s a place that’s clearly committed not just to letting both upstart and legacy media brands tell the stories that draw readers to them, but also to growing these brands’ ability to tell more of those stories, in bigger and better ways,” says Del. “As a brand who is always thinking about the future, we also value Recurrent’s commitment to the environment and sustainability coverage.”

“Futurism and Recurrent feels like a pretty perfect fit,” says Kamer. “In all of our discussions and forward planning with them, it’s plainly evident that they’ve got a robust understanding of what makes a site like ours click with its readership on a practical level. They also see areas where we can improve and expand, so we feel confident that this is the best place for us to continue to evolve and learn from their expert teams. Also, how do you say no to the team that just bought MEL?”

Futurism’s website, newsletter, and social feeds will operate continuously throughout the transition of ownership. North Equity is an investor in Recurrent, with Allen & Overy LLC serving as legal counsel for Recurrent.



Since 2014, Futurism has been a growing source of cutting-edge science and technology news coverage. From cybersecurity, to cryptocurrency, AI, quantum computing, off-world exploration, genetic engineering, green technologies, and then some, Futurism’s beat is the world beyond the horizon. It’s the science fiction that’s fast approaching our reality, the developments changing the way society functions, and the discoveries and innovations of today that will dictate the course of future generations’ lives tomorrow — along with all the weird, terrible, terrifying, hilarious, wonderful, awe-inspiring characters and ideas they’re emerging right now.