Ryan Brown

General Manager

Ryan Brown is the General Manager of Recurrent’s Lifestyle division. He is focused on growing and diversifying the Lifestyle vertical in addition to overseeing the implementation of new brand extensions and monetization efforts for MEL magazine. Ryan has over 12 years of experience in Business Development in the media world. 

Before joining Recurrent in January 2022, Ryan was VP of Newspapers at Hearst, where he spearheaded the acquisition of the Leaf Group’s content assets (previously a joint venture), grew the foundational Commerce program for major metro areas, and supported overall revenue growth and diversification at the national level. 

Prior to Hearst, Ryan spent the better part of seven years at various permutations of Gawker/Fusion/Gizmodo Media—overseeing business development, content licensing, and one of the first and largest forays into affiliate marketing and commerce. Ryan’s extensive experience working alongside editorial to develop diversified revenue streams led him to be named a Digiday Changemaker in 2018. 

He was also the Business Development Manager and Director at Newsweek and The Daily Beast for two and a half years. Prior to Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Ryan was the COO of Fame Theory, LLC. He began his career at J. Walter Thompson as an Account Coordinator.

Ryan holds a BA in Literature and Philosophy from Skidmore College, and divides his time between the Catskills and Brooklyn. He’s an avid fisherman who has spent the last few years trying to convince his dog to join him in the water (without spooking the trout).