Matthew Levin


Matthew Levin is Recurrent’s SVP of Video. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Donut Media, the largest automotive brand on YouTube, which was acquired by Recurrent in 2021. 

In this new role, he is focused on developing and implementing the video strategy across media brands, starting with Task & Purpose. Working alongside the Task & Purpose creative team, Matthew has shifted their content strategy, publishing schedule, and production staff to grow the channel. These changes have resulted in  20 million views a month, with more than 400% increase in viewership and revenue. 

Donut first rose to fame in 2016 with its video “Two Grannies, One Lamborghini” before finding ongoing success with the launch of the iconic series Up to Speed in the summer of 2017. Under Matthew’s leadership and an incredible content team, Donut steadily grew to include 10 YouTube series, two podcasts, more than 35 full-time staff members, a line of premium car collectibles, an extensive merchandise collection, and more. 

Prior to Donut, he was Head of Product for AwesomenessTV, leading up to its acquisition by Viacom in 2018. He also spent more than three years overseeing products for Originate consulting with several start-ups with successful acquisitions. In 2011, he founded his first company, Balloond, an early online digital distribution platform for independent comic creators.

Matthew’s film roots run deeper than the Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Television he received from Boston University. He has seen over 100 movies and read almost 15 books, including half of Infinite Jest.