Justin DeMaris


Justin DeMaris is the Chief Technology Officer of Recurrent Ventures. He oversees the digital solutions and development for all of the media brands, content production, distribution and monetization technology, acquisition technology integration, and IT infrastructure. Justin has over 17 years of experience in software engineering and IT. He joined the company in 2019 to oversee technology for The Drive and bring programmatic ad operations in-house.

Before joining The Drive, he was the VP of Engineering at Urbint, where he established their Machine Learning team, oversaw the development of their flagship image detection SaaS application, and lead security and compliance certification. Previously, he spent a year as the VP of Engineering at Constructive Media LLC leading technology initiatives, optimizing operating expenses and systems on a suite of active websites with over 50 million monthly users. Prior to Constructive, Justin co-founded and led technology at Synced Health, which was acquired by Nomi in 2016.

Justin joined Buddy Media in 2011 as a Senior Engineer who was tasked with organizing large-scale social media publishing for Fortune 100 companies. He also managed software development and database performance and scaled it as the company grew. When Buddy was acquired by Salesforce in 2012, Justin stayed on another two years to oversee the Publisher team inside of the newly minted Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio.

Justin began his career at the University of Connecticut as tech support while he was an undergraduate student and worked his way up to a Full Stack Engineer and Security Analyst, building several in-house applications that the University still uses today. After UConn, he worked in New York City for the YellowHammer Media Group, establishing their cloud infrastructure in 2009, and building real-time ad optimization tools handling hundreds of millions of requests a day.

Justin holds a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut. He resides in New York, NY with his wife and two Pomeranians.